The Oahu Alternative Lodging Association (“OALA”) is an organization of local residents that supports the responsible advancement of our island’s short-term rental industry.  We represent owners and operators of short-term rentals on the island of Oahu as well as well as the many service providers that support the industry. Our mission is to foster a responsible short-term rental industry that is fully permitted and regulated by the City and County of Honolulu. 

We believe in a fair and balanced regulatory approach. We believe that a regulated and well-managed industry can both meet visitor needs while still promoting the economic welfare and well-being of our communities.  Any new regulations should seek to minimize negative impacts to our neighborhoods in order to maintain its’ unique residential character and take into consideration the limited affordable housing inventory on our island.  

We educate civic leaders, elected officials and the public about the important role of short-term rentals in our island’s economy. We believe that active participation in the legislative process is the most effective way to advance the industry.  We believe in opening up the permitting process and updating the land use regulations for the modern economy and to meet visitor demands. OALA is committed to working to create a comprehensive set of rules that reflect the needs of today’s modern economy, while striving to preserve the delicate balance between commerce and community.

Oahu’s short-term rental industry is vital to Hawaii’s economy and the tourism sector.  Join us to support the responsible advancement of our industry.